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Children’s Parties

14 years ago, when my career in entertainment started, it all began with children’s parties.

My playlists are child friendly and include all of the up-to-date songs that the youth are enjoying today, as well as the old party dances that even the adults will get up to. I will make sure that we keep the kids entertained from the moment they arrive to the time they collect their party bag and leave.

Not only can I DJ for your party but I can also include party games throughout the day. This can include pass the parcel, musical chairs and a game I like to call “Go Fetch”. What I love the most is not only getting the birthday boy or girl up on the dance floor but also making sure the quieter ones get involved so that they all have a great time. Finally, I am taught in a large array of holiday park party dances so as well as games, we can get all of the party-goers dancing along with party dances old and new!

Your party can involve whatever you’d like and I can bespoke it to your taste and your child’s age. If you want to discuss or book a kid’s party please call 07463018467 or email